Thanks to the following artists for licensing your work under an open license!

Without you, this game wouldn't be possible


Asteroid Stock 3 by Fimar
Fire Icon vector Clipart by ocal
747 by charner1963
Astronaut Small Version by Merlin2525
Black Balloon String clip art by donna
Meteor by eady
File:AMOS-5 Satellite -- with star background.jpg by Andrzej Olchawa
Free Cartoon Space Shuttle Clip Art by Clipartlord
Alien by arking
Arrow Keys Vectors by pajhonka
witch with warts flying by UNKNOWN Did you make this image? Please contact me


Night Owl from Directionless EP by Broke For Free
woosh.wav by RunnerPack (via
Balloon-Burst-07.wav by Gniffelbaf (via
Dronetail 84.wav by Jovica (via
Crash by bone666138 (via
GameSound Correct.wav by Bertrof (via

I've modified some of the images.
- if you'd like to download the edited versions, go here